BRITISH Airways will be ending its sponsorship of the i360 as the visitor attraction continues to miss loan repayments.

The 530-foot structure is now seeking new sponsors after it was announced the airline would not be supporting the attraction once naming rights expire on November 3, 2022.

It comes as the tower continues to fail to meet visitor targets having made a loss of more than £5 million in the year ending June 2020.

Just 195,754 people visited the attraction - around half the predicted target of 390,000.

Announcing the split, Ian Hart, chief operating officer of Brighton i360, said: “We have enjoyed a really successful partnership with British Airways since Brighton i360 opened in August 2016.

"The globally recognised BA brand helped to catapult Brighton i360 on to the international stage from the very beginning.

"Due to this positive relationship, British Airways extended the original sponsorship term of five years back in August 2021 for a further 15 months.

"We have now agreed a completion date of November 3 2022.

"We are excited about the next chapter for Brighton i360 and what a new sponsor might hold in store for us as one of Brighton’s major tourist attractions.”

Last month, a report to councillors revealed that the i360 is expected to miss another £1.5 million repayment to Brighton and Hove City Council at the end of next month.

A report to councillors said that officials were trying to finalise a restructuring of the loan, which would mean a revised payment plan.

Hamish McVey, head of brand and marketing at British Airways, added: “We are proud to have been the first sponsor of the i360 and we look forward to seeing it continue its role as a key tourist attraction on the south coast for years to come.”