A CATHOLIC school has been converted into an academy.

St Paul's Catholic College in Burgess Hill has announced that as of January, it will be a part of the Bosco Catholic Education Trust.

The trust has four other Sussex schools under its umbrella already and has had close links with St Paul's in the past.

Headteacher Rob Carter told The Argus: "Having worked closely with the Catholic Diocese for over ten years on developing the model for Catholic schools we are really pleased that St Paul’s has successfully joined Bosco Catholic Education Trust.

"The group of schools have worked successfully together since it was formed and we have had very close links with many of the schools involved.

"This will continue to build on the successful work we did leading Inspire Teaching School Alliance and as the lead school of the Sussex Maths Hub.

"We believe that this will help us to continue to ensure outstanding results and progress and also lead teacher training and professional development.

"We look forward to continuing to inspire a living faith with hope and love."

The change, under the Academies Act 2010, means that the school is effectively closing with a new one opening in its place.

However, the school - which offers both secondary and sixth-form education - is not expected to see any significant day-to-day changes and will retain its own governing body.

In a letter sent to stakeholders, including parents, Bosco said: "In recent years, we have worked closely with all the Catholic schools in Sussex and with the Diocese in planning the formation of Bosco CET and are really looking forward to working with you all at St Paul’s to ensure every child fulfils their God-given potential.

"St Paul’s has always been an innovative, outward-facing and high-achieving school.

"We know that as a school community you’ll continue to play a hugely important part in the future shaping and development of the Trust and Catholic education across Sussex.

"We wish you a very happy start to 2022 and every success for the remainder of the school year."