Children could be fined more money for overdue library books as part of a council plan described by the Tories as “mean”.

The proposed increases planned for 2022-23 are set to be put to the Brighton and Hove City Council tourism, equalities, communities and culture committee meeting today.

The suggested charges include a 50 per cent rise in overdue library book costs for children aged up to 19 and a 33 per cent rise on DVD loans.

Other plans include an 11.1 per cent hike in ticket prices for children using the Volk’s Electric Railway, and an 11.6 per cent increase for medium-sized charities looking to hire parks and open spaces.

Conservative councillor Dee Simson will today raise the issue of the charge hikes at a meeting of the tourism equalities, communities and culture committee.

“Our children and charities should not have to pay the price for the financial failures of the council but unfortunately that is what the douncil is proposing,” she said.

“We should be encouraging people to use our facilities, not punishing them.

“I will be asking the council to rethink these mean hikes that will only have a negative impact on the most vulnerable in society.”

While Conservative finance spokesman Joe Miller said the “mean proposals” show that residents are having to pay the price for the council’s poor policy decisions and general mismanagement.

“These financial problems are entirely of the council’s own making, following overspends resulting from poorly thought through policies from councillors and bad mismanagement of key services,” he said.

“The policy decisions to ban the use of pesticides without an alternative and 'insource' the housing repairs service, both voted for by Labour and the Greens, have now come back to bite, with private contractors having to be brought in the clean up the mess.

“On top of this the council has shipped out millions to resolve two industrial disputes. These huge pay-outs, offered by the Greens and Labour, will not only hit the budget next year but also in future years as further ‘equal pay’ claims are fought.

“The poor financial management of this council is hurting residents, including those most vulnerable.”

The council has been approached for comment.