THE SPEED limit on the A24 is set to be reduced from 50mph to 40mph in an attempt to improve road safety.

Work is due to begin on stretches of the A24 Findon Road and Findon Bypass on Monday, January 17, following “community concern” about speeding at the junctions with High Street, Cross Lane and Nepcote Lane.

The speed limit change will be made north of the A24 Findon Bypass junction with High Street, instead of the current location, which is on the A24 Findon Road.

A West Sussex Highways spokeswoman said: “There’s a tendency for road users to misjudge the severity of the bends on the A24 Findon Bypass, given its dual carriageway layout, leading to significant braking.

“The speed limit change will encourage road users to drive more appropriately on the A24 Bypass and A24 Findon Road.

“It should also assist road users joining the A24 from High Street, Cross Lane, Nepcote and The Quadrangle as vehicle speeds may be better judged. Road users leaving the A24 Findon Bypass should also be assisted, particularly those turning right across the opposite carriageway.”

The work will include replacing 50mph signs with 40mph signs, as well as replacing most of the existing directional, warning and regulatory signs between the A280 Long Furlong Roundabout and Bost Hill.

The Argus: Speed limit to be reduced on A24 to improve road safety amid ‘community concern’ Speed limit to be reduced on A24 to improve road safety amid ‘community concern’

Subject to weather, the work. Which will be carried out overnight, is due to begin on January 17 and end at the beginning of March.

It will cost approximately £75,000.

It is anticipated single traffic lanes will be maintained on the dual carriageway A24 Findon Bypass while works progress.

A section of red carriageway surface will have to be removed at the current change between 40mph and 50mph speed limits on Findon Road.

This is likely to need the use of temporary two-way traffic signals during off-peak hours for the protection of both the public and workforce.

Carriageway resurfacing will also be carried out to apply a new red surface on the southbound A24 Findon Bypass carriageway where the extended 40mph speed limit will start, to the north of the High Street junction.