A COMEDIAN who left Brighton to live in the Tower of London has revealed what it is like to order a takeaway - and it is next to impossible.

Social media star Tom Houghton has been living in the tourist hotspot since the start of the pandemic, sharing the highlights on TikTok and Instagram.

The comedian says he left the city to move in with his father, who he claims is General Sir Nicholas Houghton, the former head of the British military.

The General was appointed to the constable of the Tower of London and moved into his Tower residence in 2016.

After moving in to save on rent and help with his career in London, the comedian soon realised ordering a pizza wasn't an easy process.

In one video, he joked: "Perfect yeah the delivery address is the Tower of London... Because that's where I live... I promise you I'm not lying... because people do actually live there...

"Lots of people live there... not him obviously because he died 400 years ago...

"You won't actually be able to literally deliver it to my front door... Well, you won't be able to get past the battle gates... or the moat..."

In the comedic videos, Houghton shows followers a glimpse inside the palace and his living quarters, often navigating through swathes of tourists.

According to the TikTok star, his front door is protected by a Queen's Guard that you can often spot in the background of his videos — a soldier that guards official royal residences.

On Instagram he wrote: " "I was living down in Brighton with my comedy group. I left my comedy group to pursue a solo career.

"When I did that I moved to London, in order to get more opportunities but I had to take a financial hit and I was then left with a dilemma of where to live.

"I had a choice: either rent a cupboard in zone five for £7,000 an hour or the once in a lifetime opportunity of living rent free with my dad in the centre in the great big historical palace.

"Well, Cinderella went to that ball and now I live here."

According to The Sun, nearly 100 people currently claim the Tower of London as their home address including a resident doctor and 37 Yeoman Warders.