BRIGHTON boasts the highest proportion of room rentals in LGBTQ+ households, a recent study has found.

Research by Admiral Home Insurance found 5.9 rooms to rent in LGBTQ+ households for every 100 rooms available.

Bristol and Manchester made up the rest of the to three with five and 4.2 respectively, while Exeter placed last with just 0.4 rooms per 100 total rentals.

Top ten LGBTQ+ cities in UK to rent (by per 100 total rentals)

  1. Brighton - 5.9
  2. Bristol - 5.0
  3. Manchester - 4.2
  4. Nottingham - 3.8
  5. Wakefield - 3.8
  6. Norwich - 3.3
  7. Cardiff - 3.2
  8. Chester - 3.1
  9. Sheffield - 3.1
  10. Salford - 2.9

However, the study found that Brighton was only city where there is no difference in the cost of renting in an LGBTQ+ exclusive accommodation or not.

On average, renters in the UK looking for an LGBTQ+ accommodation pay £51 less per month than the average renter. This ranges from £323 less in London to £106 more in St Albans.

In Brighton, the average rental price for LGBTQ+ accommodation and other residences was exactly the same at £620.

The company used popular online room rental websites to search for all available rentals and prospective renters looking to rent a property in that area, and used that data to find the average rental price per city and the average budget of single renters looking to find a property.

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