A SCHOOL for people with special needs is partnering with its nearby football club.

St John’s School and College will be match sponsors for Whitehawk FC’s next home game against Chichester City FC on Saturday, January 22.

The school, which is in Walpole Road in Brighton, provides education to children from seven years old, to young adults up to 25 years old.

Pupils and teachers will be making the short one mile journey to the TerraPura ground in Wilson Avenue, Brighton. The pupils will walk out with the teams at the start of the match and will present the man of the match award at the end.

Many autistic people have sensory issues that can make crowds and noise challenging, so organisers will work to make the match as “autism-friendly” as possible.

Kevin Miller, vice chair of Whitehawk Football Club, said: “We’re delighted to work in partnership with St. John’s and looking forward to doing all we can to welcome the learners into the Hawks Community.

“Having worked with the college before, I know how hard they work to make the lives of those students who attend safe, constructive and inspiring and I hope that we can add our incredible Hawks community to their family.”

The Argus: Pupils Emily, Lydia and Max with teacher AvaPupils Emily, Lydia and Max with teacher Ava

St John’s School has been around since 1886 but became a special needs school for children in 1956.

The school extended its age range to people aged 25 in 2007 to help support young adults too.

Young people can attend school or college on a residential, day, full or part-time basis, in partnership with other providers, or on a sessional or outreach basis.

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