A GOVERNMENT minister has said young people and misinformation are responsible for Brighton and Hove’s low Covid-19 vaccination numbers.

Only 75.9% of the city’s population has received their first jab - but the Minister for Vaccines and Public Health hopes this will soon change. 

Conservative MP Maggie Throup told The Argus numbers should go up with walk-in vaccinations now available to those between 12 and 15 years of age.

The Argus:


Ms Throup said: “It’s important that people do come forward for their first jab. We’ve come a long way in this pandemic, but it’s not over yet.

“I had noticed that Brighton was lower than some other areas. You’ve got quite a young population; I hope they would come forward to get their first jab.”

The government is opening a further 1,800 walk-in centres nationwide for people to “grab a jab” this week.

Multiple Brighton and Hove vaccination centres were ambushed by protesters last year, including the Churchill Square demonstration led by former nurse Kate Shemirani, which saw the use of a smoke bomb.

The Argus: Kate Shemirani led the Churchill Square protest last yearKate Shemirani led the Churchill Square protest last year

In response to the protests, Ms Throup added: “It’s wrong that people are intimidated when they’re going about such an important job to keep everybody safe.

“There’s no place at all for misinformation, because misinformation does cost lives.”

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Meanwhile, prime minister Boris Johnson has announced the removal of England’s Plan-B Covid-19 restrictions, as his party remains in turmoil over lockdown party revelations.

On the parties, Ms Throup said: “At the moment, we’ve got Sue Gray carrying out her enquiry and I’m not going to pre-empt any decision. I know she’s going to do a fantastic job.

“Boris Johnson did apologise to parliament and to the public. There’s lots of different aspects of the allegations.”

It is not known when Ms Gray’s enquiry will be published, though it could come as early as next week.