THIS is the horrifying moment two anglers faced a "near-death experience" when a large fishing trawler ploughed into their boat.

The footage, posted on YouTube, shows the two terrified fishermen screaming in fear, as they try to warn the vessel off its collision course.

Believed to have taken place off the coast of Eastbourne last week, the trawler can be seen hurtling towards the pair.

Then, after realising the boat wasn't changing course, the stranded fishermen shout to "get out of the way" while they dive for cover.

After ploughing headfirst into the boat, the vessel continues on its path.

Almost 15,000 people have watched the 54-second clip posted by Muscle Fishing on the social media site, with dozens of users quick to react to the "crazy" footage.

User Matthew Gifford said: "Made me feel sick watching it chaps!

"Just glad you are both unhurt and got home uninsured, I hope there isn’t too much damage to the boat too. Stay safe all."

Hugh Rodgers added: "I feel both parties in this have questions to answer.

"The beamer is definitely at fault no question in my mind about that.

"The lads angling, you can never put your safety in the hands of others at sea.

"You were both facing the direction he was coming from and should have at least been prepared to move.

"Rods, nets seem to have been in the way of starting and driving the boat."

Robert Bentley added: "I'm glad you survived the collision, could have been a whole lot worse if he had hit you mid ships."

The Coastguard has been contacted for comment.