A BESTSELLING author has revealed which restaurants he writes his novels in.

Peter James, who was born in Brighton, has written 36 novels, including a crime thriller series which was adapted into the ITV series Grace.

The book series sold 21 million copies worldwide, while the first series was one of ITV’s most successful dramas.

Peter has revealed his favourite writing spots, book shops and more during a segment on The Argus Podcast called Five of the Best.

The full episode of The Argus Podcast featuring Peter is available now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

If you were going for a coffee and a cake with a friend from out of town, where would you take them in Sussex?

“I do like The Grand Hotel. I love the history of the place.

“They’ve got a lovely conservatory room where you can sit and have coffee and see the magnificent view of the sea.

“It’s got a special place in my heart – I just love it. It’s the grand old dame of Brighton in many ways.”

What is the best shop in Sussex?

“No question or doubt about it – City Books.

“Book shops have always been a massive part of my life. I love a book shop where the owners and the staff are passionate about books.

“You can ask them a question about anything, and they’ll know about any book you want to know about.

“And Paul and Inga who run it are just those people. You just feel the love for books when you go in there.

“And it’s impossible to go in there and not come out without a handful of books.”

Whether it be for a concert, comedy or theatre, what is the best venue around?

“I love the Theatre Royal.

“When I was a kid, my parents had regular seats on a Thursday night, and I used to sit in that theatre and watch the curtain rise and dream that one day something I’d written would be put on the stage there.

“And it’s been amazing to see the plays that we have there. It still feels like a dream come true.

“And it’s a beautiful place. We’re so lucky having it.”

If you’re looking to escape the city, what is your favourite outdoors place to visit?

“One of the most inspirational places is Firle beacon.

“Going up there on a glorious day where you’ve got the most incredible view of the South Downs.

“And all the walks east from there towards Seven Sisters and Beachy Head – to me they are quintessential Sussex.”

And lastly, whether it be for a drink or a sit-down meal, what is the best bar, pub or restaurant in Sussex?

“My absolute favourite is English’s of Brighton. It’s a seafood restaurant and I’m passionate about seafood.

“If I’m ever having lunch with a villain, that’s where I’ll take them because it just feels right.

“It is steeped in the history of Brighton.

“And then the other place which I love is The Ginger Fox towards Henfield.

“I have a tradition – my real Roy Grace Dave Gayler and I sit down at the same table, and we plan each Roy Grace book.

“We always start with a brand new moleskin notebook and start filling it in.”