FOOD manufacturer Higgidy has announced a new £10 million investment to expand.

It revealed plans to develop its Shoreham location as a result of Samworth Brothers increasing its stake in the business.

The investment follows increased demand for Higgidy products, fuelled by the trend of flexitarian and vegan diets over the last 12 months.

The investment into “The Higgidy Village” will be used to buy new equipment, "expand the footprint of the site" and upgrade its current office and shared spaces, creating an environment which it says will reflect it brand purpose, “baking a difference”.

Mark Campbell, chairman of Higgidy, said: “We are very proud to be part of the Samworth family and know that the values that both businesses have mean that we will continue to flourish.

"The Higgidy leadership team have created a compelling strategy for the next five years and the investment and support from Samworth Brothers means we can continue to build a strong culture, while keeping our entrepreneurial roots intact.

"As Higgidy’s founders we remain as excited about the future as we did on day one, which is why we will be involved in the brand’s next phase of growth and continue on as minority shareholders."

Higgidy has attracted a further half million consumers in the past year through its programme of vegetarian and plant-based foods.

It has seen consistent growth over the last ten years with an increase of more than 15 per cent and has plans to double the size of the brand in the next five years.

Higgidy continues to create original products including the first vegan quiche, vegan no-pork pies and veg-packed pastry quiches.

It says its savoury muffins have "taken the market by storm" since their launch 21 months ago.

Higgidy is also investing in brand awareness, embarking on its first paid media campaign in October 2021.

This kicked off a year-long plan to connect with consumers “celebrating great tasting sustainable food that lifts the spirits and is baked with care and is gloriously imperfect”.

Camilla Stephens, founder of Higgidy, said: “When I started Higgidy it was always about more than just making delicious pies.

"I always wanted Higgidy to be food from the heart, packed with taste and an abundance of veggies so the growth within plant-based food has been both fascinating and really exciting to watch."

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