PAVEMENTS have been left looking like an "awful patchwork" after work to install fibre optic broadband. 

A council contractor has dug up the street in McWilliam Road, Woodingdean, to install underground cabling.

Pictures show how holes in the pavement have been covered over with tarmac - leaving mismatched walkways. 

Conservative councillors are calling for the work to be remedied. The council has confirmed that repairs will take place.

Councillor Dee Simson said: “Visually it is awful.

"Everybody’s happy that these cables are being laid, but they need to make sure that when they reinstate the walkways, they put it back to a good standard.

The Argus: "Awful" resurfacing of the McWilliam Road pavement"Awful" resurfacing of the McWilliam Road pavement

“I blame the council. There’s this great urgency to do the work, but residents have got to live with that forever now.

“They’ve taken up the front row of paving slabs nearest to the road, and instead of putting them back as before, we now have a row of paving slabs and a row of tarmac. It’s not even in a straight line.”

The works, undertaken by CityFibre on behalf of the city council, will extend to all parts of Brighton and Hove, and are set for completion in four to five years.

Residents are informed ahead of construction work that they may face disruptions.

A spokesman for Brighton and Hove city council said: "We are aware the CityFibre have used flexible tarmac materials alongside existing slabs.

"We will be seeking to work with the company to ensure that the finished surface is consistent, rather than the current mixture of marerials."