ARTIST Matt Whistler has turned rubbish into artwork with his latest piece - Tat Modern.

Tat Modern features Lieutenant Landfill with his robot pals, made using items Matt found strewn across Brighton and Hove during the city’s bin strike last year.

The installation has received fantastic reviews from fans on Grayson’s Art Club Facebook page.

The Argus: Matt Whistler with Tat ModernMatt Whistler with Tat Modern

Matt said: “We’re at a point in history now where it’s really important to look at our consumption levels – I advertise myself as an eco-clown.

“It’s a bit of a statement really. We need to hoover up the city and cut down on the retail therapy.

Grayson's Art Club Facebook page, run by Channel 4, invites fans of the Grayson's Art Club television show to share their artwork and creations.

“I’ve been picking things up off the streets of Brighton for a good number of years now in a clown-like manner and incorporating it into one of my films or relocating it to someone’s house to give it a home. I don’t like to walk past something that’s got a further use.”

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Tat Modern is set on a resident’s house in Temple Gardens, Brighton, and previously featured a robot vacuum cleaner – before it was stolen.

Fans on Grayson’s Art Club page praised the originality of the idea, with Matt jokily advertising the open hours as “48 hours a day, 14 days a week”.