A GROUP of climate protesters are making their way across the city and planting themselves in the centre of busy roads.

Traffic is being disrupted across Brighton, as Youth Climate Swarm activists block various roads.

So far the group have been spotted in London Road, Churchill Square, North Road and are currently outside the Rox development in Gloucester Place.

Cars were forced to turn around in London Road to avoid hitting them, one man on a moped was seen arguing with the group as he attempted to get by.

Pictures show one activist holding a sign that says the group will move on in seven minutes and apologising for the disruption.

The group of around ten are part of the larger demonstrations taking place today, with another in Glasgow.

Youth Climate Swarm use the tactic of "swarming" or repeatedly blocking roads for short periods to cause disruption and publicise their demands.

The activists are aiming to pressure the national government into accepting the demands laid out on their website, which are: to "just stop oil", free transport and insulate Britain.

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