Hove's filmmaking pioneers to be celebrated at festival

Hove's filmmaking pioneers to be celebrated at festival

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AN ART festival celebrating Brighton and Hove’s filmmaking pioneers is set for launch next month.

The three-day event at Hove Museum and Art Gallery explores the city’s filmmaking heritage and the contributions its residents made towards to film in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Days of Wonder will show early works by George Albert Smith and James Williamson, from Hove.

The pair began working in 1890 and made great advances in their field, particularly with close-ups and editing techniques.

James Williamson, 1901. Courtesy Screen Archive South East/BFI National Archive

Jamie Wyld, director of videoclub who co-produce the project with Corridor, said: "Days of Wonder will be a fun opportunity not just to connect with this legacy, but also to fan the creative spark inside any of us.

"Our artists have devised some amazing ways to make moving images, to see the world differently and to use cameras in unexpected ways.

"We can't wait to see how visitors react and discover what they make themselves."

One Minute Wonders, a series of workshops led by artists Annis Joslin and Seo Hye Lee, will see participants collaborate in a project responding to Smith and Williamson’s work, resulting in a “mystery film”.

There will be opportunity to work with zoetropes, an early form of animation technology, and many other early style of filmmaking.

Turntable zoetrope by Annis Joslin and Seo Hye Lee

Dr Frank Gray, director of Screen Archive South East, will lead talks on the museum’s current Film and Media Collection and how it relates to the history of Brighton and Hove.

During the late 1800’s, the pair owned two workspaces – Smith a private studio in St Ann’s Well Garden, Williamson a shop in Church Street, both in Hove.

They produced silent films, innovative for their inclusion of a narrative.

Brighton and Hove’s film culture continued through the 20th century up to the present day, with classics such as The Who’s “Quadrophenia” based in the city, and most recently ITV’s “Grace”, a Brighton-based series starring actor John Simm.

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Days of Wonder will run from Thursday, 17 to Saturday, 19 February at Hove Museum and Art Gallery, Church Road, Hove.