THE cafes and shops in a Sussex town with the most options for vegans have been revealed.

Haywards Heath Town Council have put together a list of the best places for vegan goods in the town, the list has now been published on its website.

It includes independent shops, cafes and restaurants and all with a variety of plant-based offerings.

A Town Council spokesman commented: “It's fantastic that we have such a vast array of vegan goods available in Haywards Heath for those wishing to try plant-based eating.

"In addition to this list, all of the major supermarkets stock vegan food and many of the Town’s restaurants and pubs have vegan menus to try.

"January is a very popular time for many people to kick start their health drive and Veganuary gives them a brilliant way to try different healthy foods."

1. Hart Country Stores in South Road

The shop sells vegan groceries such as ready meals and chocolate bars.

It also sells dog treats, as well as vegan cakes and alternative milks in the cafe.

The Argus: Hart Country Stores on South Road 2

2. Flinders in South Road

The coffee shop offers a vegan brunch and a variety of cakes including vegan cinnamon rolls.

Vegan sausage rolls and alternative milks are also on the menu.

It also serves desserts such as vegan sorbets in a range of flavours.

The Argus: Flinders in South RoadFlinders in South Road

3. Wolfox in the Broadway

This cafe and restaurant serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

It offers vegan breakfasts, as well as sweet treats including doughnuts and cakes.

It too offers milk alternatives.

The Argus: Wolfox in the BroadwayWolfox in the Broadway

3. Tory’s Cafe in Victoria Park

This independent cafe, situated in the middle of the park, sells a mix of vegan cakes such as carrot cake, caramel shortbread, and cranberry and pecan shortbread.

It also offers vegan sausage rolls and milk alternatives for drinks.

The Argus: Tory's Cafe in Victoria ParkTory's Cafe in Victoria Park

4. K and A Enterprise in South Road

The small convenience store sells plenty of options for vegan cooking including tofu, pulses, fresh fruit veg and herbs.

The Argus: K and A Enterprise in South RoadK and A Enterprise in South Road

5. Grape and Grain in the Broadway

This shop sells vegan alcohols and snacks including: vegan beers from local brewers, plus wines, spirits, chocolate, olives, crackers, and other speciality foods.

The Argus: Grape and the Grain in the BroadwayGrape and the Grain in the Broadway

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