Following the long-awaited release of Sue Gray’s report into the Downing Street Lockdowns parities and Prime Boris Johnson's address to the House of Commons.

There has been speculation who could potentially replace Mr. Johnson as the next Torie Leader if he were to resign.

Some members of the party have shown interest in running for the position, with a few even previously running against Johnson for the role.

See what the latest off for the next Conservative leader following Boris Johnson’s announcement.

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See who are the latest Conservative MP's to be in the running for leadership according to Betfair.

Who could be the next Conservative Leader according to Betfair

Rishi Sunak

The Argus: Rishi Sunak. (PA)Rishi Sunak. (PA)

Sunak hosts odds of 3.2, making the Chancellor the front-runner for the role.

In national polls, the politicians seem to represent the Tories best chance of a rebrand and fightback in polls.

Plus he seems to have some public backing following the announcement of the furlough scheme and the popular ‘Eat Out to Help Out.’

Liz Truss

The Argus: Liz Truss. (PA)Liz Truss. (PA)

Next in the running’s is Liz Truss with odds of 7.6, at one time in odds Truss was marginally ahead of Sunak for the next leader.

The Foreign Secretary gained high ratings following the signing of post-Brexit deals and her positioning against ‘woke culture’.

Tom Tugendhat

The Argus: Tom Tugendhat (PA)Tom Tugendhat (PA)

With odds of 8.4, the Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee gains the third spot on the list for the next leader.

The former soldier has been touted as the future leader for some time, following his outspokenness on dark money and the use of London by kleptocrats such as the Putin regime, to launder money.

However, Tugendhat has never served in the Cabinet which is unheard of for a Prime Minister appointed mid-term seeing his chances less likely.

Jeremy Hunt

The Argus: Jeremy Hunt. (PA)Jeremy Hunt. (PA)

Former Foreign Secretary Hunt holds odds of 9.4, previously he placed second in the last Tory leadership contest against Boris Johnson.

Now bets show he could well up for the top two spots among MP’s but it's doubtful he would try for leadership again.

Penny Mordaunt

The Argus: Penny Mordaunt. (PA)Penny Mordaunt. (PA)

At odds of 14, Mordaunt is one of the more recent to be touted as a candidate with good support from fellow MP’s too.

She came third in the member's poll of preferred leader, which reads very well considering she isn't even in the Cabinet.