PIERS Morgan has called on Spotify to scrap Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s podcast and give the money to Joe Rogan instead.

The Newick-born former Good Morning Britain presenter has spoken out in defence of the podcaster who has faced criticism for spreading Covid misinformation.

The 56-year-old defended Mr Rogan in his latest attack on Meghan and Prince Harry.

He said: "Joe Rogan once branded me an ‘a**hole’' after I called for more gun restrictions in America - and said my British accent should itself be restricted to ‘selling mops and non-stick cookware’ on late-night TV.

"To be fair, he was probably speaking for many of his fellow countrymen who understandably objected to being told how to live their lives by a snooty reincarnation of George III."

He added: "Rogan’s got an open mind; like me, he doesn’t park himself into any particular political or social tribe, nor does he like or dislike people according to their partisan allegiance.

"Spotify should give Joe Rogan cash Meghan & Harry make from their shows and tear up Royals' contract."

Spotify responds to Joe Rogan podcast controversy

Piers’s defence comes as Neil Young and Joni Mithcell asking the platform to remove their music due to controversial podcasts still being available on the platform. 

Spotify currently is the host of the podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, which created outrage for repeatedly spreading Covid conspiracy theories

In response, the streaming platform said it is working to add a content advisory to podcasts that discuss Covid-19. 

Adding that listeners who listen to content about the virus would be directed to a website that "provided easy access to data-driver facts, up-to-date information as shared by scientists, physicians, academics and public health authorities around the world."

Mr Ek also said that they hope the new effort will help combat misinformation and that it will be rolled out across the world in the coming days.