House prices in Brighton's BN1 postcode area can vary widely and while some properties have failed to exceed £117,000 others have been snapped up for a cool £1.7 million.

A new tool by home sales company Property Solvers tracked average sold price data from HM Land Registry since early 2016 to see where the highest and lowest-priced homes are located. We looked at the BN1 postcode. 

In gathering five years' worth of data they discovered Withdean Road and Powis Villas have some of the highest-valued homes across the region.


On Withdean Raod, three properties sold for an average of £1,742,858 and Powis Villas saw six properties going for an average of £1,160,333. On Cornwall Gardens, the houses sold for an average price of £1,154,000.

Some of the cheapest properties in Brighton can be found in Dyke Road, Bread Street and Norfolk Square. 


Most Expensive Streets with a BN1 postcode

  1. Withdean Road, BN1 5BP - Average sale price £1,742,8583 (three sales)
  2. Withdean Road, BN1 5BL - Average sale price £1,722,00010 (10 sales)
  3. Powis Villas  - Average sale price £1,160,333 (six sales)
  4. Cornwall Gardens - Average sale price £1,154,000 (five sales) 
  5. Withdean Crescent - Average sale price £1,068,000 (five sales) 
  6.  Vine Place - Average sale price £1,059,000 (three sales) 
  7. Dyke Road - Average sale price £1,020,000 (four sales) 
  8. Dyke Road Place - Average sale price £1,006,666 (three sales) 
  9. Surrenden Crescent - Average sale price £1,005,000 (six sales) 
  10. Tivoli Crescent North - Average sale price £983,770 (five sales) 

Cheapest Streets with a BN1 postcode

  1. Homelees House, Dyke Road - Average sale price £116,789 (22 sales)
  2. Belbourne Court, Bread Street - Average sale price £122,550 (10 sales)
  3. South Road Mews - Average sale price £139,166 (three sales)
  4. Astra House, Kings Road - Average sale price £145,725 (five sales)
  5. Windsor Court, Tongdean Lane - Average sale price £166,783
  6. Norfolk Court, Norfolk Square - Average sale price £171,083 (six sales) 
  7. Beatty Avenue - Average sale price £178,625 (four sales) 
  8. Oriental Place - Average sale price £182,977 (11 sales) 
  9. Ditchling Road - Average sale price £184,333 (three sales) 
  10. Kings Road - Average sale price £187,000 (four sales) 

You can see the data via the Property Solvers website here.