KATIE Price has halted her OnlyFans content after less than a month due to her latest bout of plastic surgery.

The Brighton-born former glamour model has reportedly had an eye and brow lift, forcing her to wear a bandage on her head.

The 43-year-old told her subscribers on adult content site – who pay a monthly fee of £11 - that she will not be sharing new material until she has recovered.

In a message posted on the site, she asked her followers to "stick around" while she takes a break.

"Just want to say a quick thanks for all the support so far,” she reportedly said.

"I will be doing some customs and more content and loads more selfies, taking note of what you are all requesting but obvs right now I can't shoot with bandage round my face.

“Stick around - the good stuff is coming."

Katie announced the launch of her OnlyFans page on January 26.

The Argus: Katie Price announced the launch of her OnlyFans page last month Katie Price announced the launch of her OnlyFans page last month

Dressed as a nun with a sash saying, “My body, my rules”, she previously said: “I see my OnlyFans channel as a place I can feel secure, confident, empowered and beautiful.

“Yes there will be some glamorous shots, but most importantly, this will be a place for me to share my world and my adventures with my closest supporters in my own authentic voice.”

A friend of Katie’s revealed that the former glamour model may not be finished with treatment yet.

"Katie's telling everyone she thinks her bum implants make her look too big and wants them out - plus more lipo,” she told The Sun.

"When Katie has an idea in her head, she just does it. Who knows if she'll actually go through with it, but she's told friends she's going.”

Last month, Katie was also spotted at a fertility clinic with her fiancé Carl Woods.

The couple reportedly held hands as they made their way to The Fertility & Gynaecology Academy in London.

"We will get married this year. Yeah, I'm excited. Like I say, you might even see glimpses of it on the OnlyFans channel, but certainly on YouTube as well,” she told The Sun.

“It's just all exciting, the baby this year, hopefully the baby."

Th 43-year-old also confirmed that she has chosen a style of dress she likes for her wedding, but is still on the hunt for a venue.