CONSERVATIVE councillors have condemned plans by Labour to hike residential parking permits by up to 90 per cent in a budget vote.

In an amendment to the budget of Brighton and Hove City Council due to be put forward this evening, Labour would increase second and third resident parking permits per household, with a 90 per cent increase for third permits in high demand parking zones.

The Conservatives said that families and key workers living in the city would be hard hit should the proposals be approved, and claimed that a two-car family in Hollingbury could see cost of their permits rise by 30 per cent to £345.

Finance spokesman for the Brighton and Hove Conservatives Joe Miller described the proposal as discriminatory.

He said: "Mums and dads living in the city often need two vehicles to go to work and go about their daily lives.

"This is the norm for many families living in places such as Hollingdean, Elm Grove or Hove Park and they should not be penalised for this.

"Every year Labour and the Greens are making it harder and harder for people to live in this city through their tax hikes and fees and charges increases.

"This additional increase from Labour, introduced at the eleventh hour, would be another factor that would push families out of the city. 

"We are already seeing families leave the city at record rates and the demand for primary school places collapsing.

"We won’t be standing for this parking hike which will only hurt the last remaining pockets families in Brighton and Hove."

Conservative group deputy leader Dee Simson said that the policy looked like it was designed to penalise motorists and make cars unaffordable for more people and would ultimately hit those on lower incomes in the city.

She said: "This once again looks like it is all about penalising drivers and fulfilling the ideological policy of the Labour-Green Coalition on climate change of creating a car-free city.

"This is an out of touch policy that needs to be voted against."

The Labour group have been contacted for comment.

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