A POPULAR US fast-food chain is opening next week and customers are expected to queue around the block, writes Ellie Smitherman.

Wendy's is launching its Brighton location on March 1 and The Argus was invited to have a look around and taste some of the dishes it will offer.

In a distant memory I can recall trying a Wendy's on a trip to the US years ago, but I can't say I remember it all that well.

So, when I got the chance to have a look around the new site and maybe even taste one of their square shaped burgers, I was eager.

It will be the sixth UK location to open in the last few years and occupies the space where Gap on Western Road used to be.

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The Argus: Downstairs interior

With the opening taking place next Tuesday, the restaurant feels and looks ready for the public - with a relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff.

As you enter you are greeted with a stylish dark grey interior and a long centre table sporting the Wendy's W.

To the left are self-service order screens for customers in a hurry, the machines are already up and running.

There's a selection of table formations, such as booths and singular tables.

The Argus: Some of the menu items

Upstairs is also spacious with lots of seating and a view of Churchill Square.

A feature of the new restaurant is its Coca-Cola fizzy drinks dispensers for refills, providing rare flavours of Cokes, Fantas, and Sprites.

The Brighton branch will serve Wendy’s signatures menu items including the Baconator burger, Spicy Chicken Sandwich and their Frosty dessert.

It will also follow other UK sites and serve exclusive vegetarian options such as the Veggie Stack.

The Argus: Drinks machines

To get a taste for the menu I tried a cheeseburger and fries, as well as some chicken nuggets and a chocolate Frosty.

The Dave's Single burger is made with fresh beef, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, ketchup, mayonnaise, onion and comes served in a toasted bun.

It was juicy and flavourful, and it was obvious from this that the meat was fresh and the burger had been prepared that day - something I'm told is very important to the brand.

The fries were also tasty, crispy but not too thin or salty, and a hearty portion.

The Argus: Burger and fries with chocolate Frosty

Their chicken nuggets are quite different to the likes of McDonald's and Burger King, smaller round pieces of chicken breast coated in crispy batter, due to their size they didn't taste stodgy or over fried.

The Argus: Chicken nuggets

Wendy's Frostys are a signature of the brand, a unique combination of milkshake and ice cream, not quite one or the other.

The Argus:

I was urged by the team to try the, quite bizarre, trend of dipping a fry in the Frosty, something that is apparently very popular in the states.

Whilst I'm not sure I'd make a habit of it, it was a relatively pleasant experience, I knew it shouldn't taste nice but it still kind of did - if that makes sense?

Overall, I felt the new Wendy’s offers good quality food, a stylish interior, friendly staff, making it a nice addition to the city.