A HYPNOTHERAPIST has cured a medicine worker of her biggest fear – needles.

Larissa Bellotte, a clinical hypnotherapist from Brighton, worked to remove the woman's phobia of needles, as she was previously unable to receive a Covid-19 vaccination.

She also worked at one of the UK's aesthetic medicine training schools, but was unable to make use of the treatments.

Larissa says she worked directly with her patient's subconscious mind “to reset unwanted and unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviour”.

“Phobias like this are held in the primitive part of the brain, where, in this case, the needle is perceived as a danger,” she said.

“The resulting fight or flight response takes place on a subconscious level, so the person has no control over the reactions they experience in those situations.

The Argus: Hypnotherapist Larissa Bellotte from BrightonHypnotherapist Larissa Bellotte from Brighton

“Hypnotherapy works directly with the subconscious mind, allowing the person to change how they feel and react to that phobia.”

Since beating her fears, the woman has gone on to have ten Botox injections in her face, lip fillers, and three Covid-19 vaccinations.

“It is such a pleasure being able to help people in so many different ways,” said Larissa.

“With the difficulties people have been facing in recent years, I honestly don’t know anyone who wouldn’t feel the benefits of this type of hypnotherapy.”

Working at a training centre for aesthetic medicin, and in need of an operation involving injections meant the woman, known only as Eleanor, was left with no alternative but to overcome her fear.

“It has been life changing for me, meaning I could have a minor operation, and injectable treatments without any problems,” she said.

The Argus: Eleanor, from London, was able to undergo an operation as a result of the cureEleanor, from London, was able to undergo an operation as a result of the cure

“It simply would never have happened previously.

"Every time I knew I had to face a needle I'd spend all my time beforehand obsessing about it. I couldn't sleep, I'd feel panicked and anxious. I've fainted a few times while having a blood test and even cancelled appointments at the last moment.”

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Larissa administered the hypnotherapy sessions via Zoom. It took just three hours to help Eleanor beat her phobia.

Larissa runs Seascape hypnotherapy in Brighton and sessions are available exclusively online.