PLANS for a trial of a park and ride scheme, aimed at reducing traffic in the city centre, are set to be voted on by councillors in a meeting tomorrow.

Should the proposals put forward by Brighton and Hove City Council pass, the three-month trial at Mill Road in Patcham could begin as early as June, with buses into town running every day except for Albion match days.

The trial, set to be managed and operated by Brighton and Hove Buses, will cost roughly £100,000, with the company covering the costs of promoting the service and providing stewards.

The council hopes that, should the trial be successful, it could help determine how such schemes reduce car use, as well as the wider impact on air quality and reduced car parking capacity in the city.

Calls for the creation of a park and ride scheme had been among recommendations made by a climate assembly in the city in 2020.

Councillor Gary Wilkinson, Labour’s environment, transport and sustainability spokesman, welcomed the proposal and claimed the Green administration had been “dragging its heels” over introducing a park and ride scheme.

He said: “We have been calling on the Green administration for months now to commit to delivering a park and ride scheme, in line with the recommendations of the Climate Assembly we set up.

“After consistent lobbying from my Labour colleagues and I, the administration is finally bringing forward plans for a trial at Mill Road.

“I welcome this report - better late than never - but I hope we see more urgency from the council in making progress on the feasibility study to explore permanent sites that it agreed to, if we are serious about reaching carbon net-zero by 2030.”

The Green Party had opposed a park and ride scheme for the city amid concerns that it would encourage more people to use their cars, but supporters have argued people would be encouraged to park on the outskirts of the city, rather than driving into the centre of Brighton, reducing traffic and cutting air pollution.

Councillors will vote on the proposals at a meeting of the environment, transport and sustainability committee tomorrow from 4pm. The meeting can be watched live through the council’s website.

The Conservative group and the council did not respond to requests for comment.