A COUNCILLOR says his decision to quit Brighton and Hove City Council and Lewes District Council is unconnected to a charge of drink driving.

Joe Miller, 27, has been charged with driving a black BMW 420 on the A27 at Hollingbury while over the limit at 3pm in September 2020.

The charge states he had 134 milligrammes of alcohol per 100 millitres of blood in his system, the legal limit being 80 milligrammes.

On Monday he announced he was quitting as a councillor on Brighton Hove and City Council, and Lewes District Council.

He is due to stand trial on March 25 but he said the two matters are unrelated.

“Had it not have been, I would have resigned in September 2020,” said he said.

“I resigned because I’m moving out of the area, have not got the time to perform the public duty that the role is, and I’m getting married in September."

He has instructed a team of lawyers to defend the case.

“My legal team is addressing this matter. I deny these allegations wholeheartedly.”

He is due to stand trial before Brighton magistrates on March 25.


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