MEDICS are working with hospitals in Gambia as the country struggles with “extremely limited” healthcare provisions.

The team of medics from Sussex is attempting to bring Gambia’s rudimentary care methods up to a Western level, as patients with even minor injuries, such as fractures, can often be left with permanent deformities.

Injured people in need of care can also be found to travel up to 100 miles to the country’s hospital, Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) in the capital, Banjul.

The Sussex team is working with doctors in the African country on a health assessment app, LifeBox ePOA, created by Definition Health.

The Argus: Dr Scott, third left, developed the medical app with her Sussex teamDr Scott, third left, developed the medical app with her Sussex team

It is based at the Sussex Innovation Centre and is now being used to enable remote care of patients.

Dr Rosie Scott, co-founder of Definition Health, said: "It was my complete privilege to work with the medical team in Gambia and to offer them support with our digital platform, which allows them now to record conditions and treatment as well as monitor patients from a distance.

“I hope we can continue to support their everyday appointments with their patients, wherever they may live, and then with safe and efficient onward referral to the specialist where necessary.”

Clinics in Gambia can often become overwhelmed due to a large number of patients. The app attempts to ease congestion by treating people at smaller healthcare centres.

The Argus: A doctor from Gambia with the medical appA doctor from Gambia with the medical app

Dr Scott and her team are making regular trips to the country in order to train staff, performing operations and running training sessions during their visit this month.

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The LifeBox app enables remote care, monitoring and planning for patients between EFSTH and the satellite hospitals. Information can also be uploaded for teams in the UK to view and offer remote assistance to the Gambian clinical teams.