CROWDS lined the streets as a convoy carrying equipment to an electricity substation passed through a Sussex town.

Dozens of people gathered along the high street in Polegate as the ‘abnormal load’, weighing in at a combined 600 tonnes, slowly continued its 41-mile journey from Shoreham Port to the National Grid substation in Ninfield, near Bexhill.

One person described the crowds as being like a "royal visit" had come into town.

The convoy had been due to arrive at its destination yesterday, but set off almost three hours late due to an oil leak and difficulty navigating the port’s gates.

After passing Lewes late yesterday evening, the convoy stopped for the night at around 8pm, before resuming its journey across the county shortly before 9am.

It is due to arrive at around 1pm this afternoon.

The Argus: The convoy as it passed through Polegate: credit - East Sussex HighwaysThe convoy as it passed through Polegate: credit - East Sussex Highways

Its passage along the A27 has caused some travel disruption, with motorists being reduced to speeds of 5mph as they trundle behind the slow-moving load.

Police have accompanied the convoy on its route, temporarily holding traffic to allow it to safely pass and complete its journey.