A SUSSEX city has been named of the most breastfeeding-friendly locations in the UK.

 A study by Bella Baby analysed the number of registered breastfeeding-friendly venues and the number of TripAdvisor reviews to determine the rankings.

Chichester was named the tenth most breastfeeding-friendly city in the UK.

Bangor, which has a total of 76 registered breastfeeding-friendly venues, topped the list, followed by Newry and Armagh.

The city in the UK with the most breastfeeding-friendly venues was Belfast with 203, followed by Portsmouth with 127.

London had the most positive and negative TripAdvisor reviews which mentioned breastfeeding.

Here is the full list of the top ten most breastfeeding-friendly cities in the UK:

1 – Bangor

2 – Newry

3 – Armagh

4 – Portsmouth

5 – Belfast

6 – Derry

7 – City of London

8 – St Asaph

9 – Wells

10 – Chichester

Caoimhe McGonagle, Bella Baby spokeswoman, said: “Ahead of Mother’s Day 2022, we wanted to celebrate all mums - including those who are currently breastfeeding.

“We were unsettled when we saw a 2015 report from Public Health England that revealed that a third of women feel embarrassed when breastfeeding in public, and because of this, we wanted to highlight and celebrate breastfeeding mums this year in order to break the stigma.

“We also wanted all women - including those who are currently breastfeeding - to feel comfortable out and about this Mother’s Day.

“Finally, when conducting our study, we realised that there are hundreds of venues throughout the UK that are not currently registered to a breastfeeding-friendly scheme and have the facilities and designated areas for breastfeeding women.

“We hope by highlighting this that many of these venues will begin to display stickers on their doors and windows, along with information online to highlight their inclusion of breastfeeding mums.”