If you are in a position to take on a new pet, rescuing one from a shelter is always worth considering.

There’s no shortage of animals in need of a forever home who might just make the ideal addition to your family.

From a tiny terrier to a great big German Shepherd, there’s a wide range of four-legged friends at Dogs Trust Shoreham branch right now.

Here are five of the pooches looking for that someone special to give them the love they deserve and there are even more on the Dogs Trust website.

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The Argus: Harley-Bear is a poodle/Patterdale crossbreed. Picture: Dogs TrustHarley-Bear is a poodle/Patterdale crossbreed. Picture: Dogs Trust

Breed: Poodle cross Patterdale

Age: 4 years

Harley-Bear has a sensitive nature but while he may take some time getting to know new people, he will make for a playful and tactile companion once he's built a solid bond.

His favourite pastimes include solo games with his toys, following his nose on his walks and relaxing on a cosy bed.

Harley-Bear is best suited to a quieter home environment with minimal visitors and where he can take his time to settle in. While he adjusts to his new routine, he'll need his family to always keep him company.

He can live with people above the age of 16 but is unable to live with cats, house rabbits or guinea pigs. He could potentially live with another dog depending on how they get on.

Read Harley-Bear's full profile via the Dogs Trust website.


The Argus: Princey has limited vision. Picture: Dogs Trust.Princey has limited vision. Picture: Dogs Trust.

Breed: Lowchen

Age: 14 years

Princey is currently living in a temporary foster home, where he has proven himself to be a wonderful houseguest.

However, he'd love nothing more than a permanent spot on the sofa to enjoy in a relaxing retirement home – a quieter lifestyle where he can enjoy life's luxuries and spend his day cuddling up on the lap of his humans.

As an older chap, Princey has started to lose some of his vision. He'd like to find himself a family who could offer a consistent routine and allow him plenty of time to settle in to get used to his new surroundings.

Due to his limited vision, he can be sensitive at times and with his need for a peaceful home life, he would be best suited to an adult-only household, without any visiting children.

He cannot live with any cats, house rabbits or guinea pigs, but would benefit from sharing his home with another dog of a similarly calm and friendly nature to his own.

A garden of his own is essential to help Princey when practising his housetraining.

Read Princey's full profile via the Dogs Trust website.


The Argus: Milo will make his new owner a loyal best buddy. Picture: Dogs TrustMilo will make his new owner a loyal best buddy. Picture: Dogs Trust

Breed: Labrador cross French bulldog

Age: 2 years

Milo is a lovable boy with a sensitive nature and because of a few insecurities about the world around him, he dreams of a peaceful, yet active lifestyle, where he can take each day as it comes.

He can be shy when meeting new people so may appear a little 'indifferent' when you're first getting to know him. However, if you allow Milo his space and the time he needs to make friends, you'll soon have found yourself a loyal best buddy for life.

When it comes to interacting with his humans, Milo much prefers playing games and going on long walks rather than lots of fusses and cuddles.

This adventurous chap needs to explore in less-frequented areas, or at quieter times of the day, as he can be worried in the presence of unknown canines.

While he is currently lacking in social skills, Milo would benefit from building up his confidence with gradual introductions to a few regular doggy pals who have a calm and friendly nature. However, he must be the only pet in the household and will need a garden of his own to enjoy a good, off-lead run about.

He'll need to live on a quieter road, with a space such as a driveway or quiet cul-de-sac where he can practise his training and requires adult-only people pals, including visitors to his new home.

Read Milo's full profile via the Dogs Trust website.


The Argus: Rocky enjoys a trip in the car. Picture: Dogs TrustRocky enjoys a trip in the car. Picture: Dogs Trust

Breed: German Shepherd

Age: 3 years

Rocky has a loving yet sensitive character. Ever enthusiastic to learn new things, he has a super smart brain and already knows a variety of tricks and 'commands'.

As well as participating in his training, Rocky adores a game with his toys and will make for a fun, interactive companion once he knows you well.

Building up his trust is something that will take time, as meeting strangers is one of his biggest worries. His potential adopters will need to have plenty of patience and be willing to make multiple visits to the rehoming centre to get to know him.

His perfect home would have easy access to rural, less-frequented walking areas and be situated away from the hustle and bustle of busy or highly-populated areas.

However, he enjoys a trip in the car, so driving him to more remote walking routes could be an option.

A secure garden of his own to relax in is essential and he will be unsuitable to live with any dogs, cats, small-furry pets, livestock or horses.

The youngest members of his family and any essential visitors to his home will need to be over the age of 16. He will also need to live with at least two people, so that his family can work together to provide him with the additional training and care that he needs.

Read Rocky's full profile via the Dogs Trust website.

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The Argus: Wolf loves his grub. Picture: Dogs TrustWolf loves his grub. Picture: Dogs Trust

Breed: Jack Russell

Age: 4 years

Wolf has all the charismatic qualities that you'd expect from a cheeky terrier. This energetic four-year-old enjoys keeping himself busy with fun training, enriching walks in the countryside or settling down with a long-lasting chew.

When first getting to know him, Wolf would prefer to interact with you while participating in fun training, rather than with tactile affection, so he needs a 'hands off' approach to making friends.

However, once he knows you well, he'll enjoy a gentle neck massage (on his own terms) and relish every second by your side.

Wolf isn't the biggest fan of other animals and needs to be the only pet, in an adult-only household.

On-lead walks in less-frequented areas or at quieter times of the day are required so that he can avoid bumping into other canines.

A big fan of his grub, Wolf doesn't like to be disturbed when he's eating. He'll need a quiet area of the house where he can enjoy his meals, chews and food-based enrichment alone in peace.

Read Wolf's full profile via the Dogs Trust website.