FATBOY Slim says he will be revisiting some of his classic tunes when he takes to the stage at a major music festival.

Norman Cook, who lives in Hove, is to headline On the Beach in Brighton on July 21 and 22.

His performance will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Big Beach Boutique II concert, described as the “biggest event Sussex has ever seen”.

In an interview on The Argus Podcast, Norman said there will plenty of throwback tracks for his fans to enjoy.  

“I’m toying with the idea I might revisit some of the classic tunes from 20 years ago,” he said.

“It’ll be slightly more nostalgic and Brighton-centric than many of my shows.”

Despite having performed all over the world, Norman said taking to the stage in his adopted home always made for "the proudest gigs”.

“We’ve done things on Madeira Drive and at the Amex since, but this is my first time in 20 years back on the pebbles,” he said.

“If I was allowed, I’d do it for free every year – just to reiterate my relationship with the city.

“It’s very, very close to my heart. This is the biggest celebration of my relationship with the city.”

The Argus: The crowd of more than 250,000 at Big Beach Boutique II in Brighton in July 2002 The crowd of more than 250,000 at Big Beach Boutique II in Brighton in July 2002

More than 250,000 concert goers gathered on Brighton beach in 2002 for Big Beach Boutique II, doubling Brighton’s population for the day.

Norman revealed that safety concerns meant he wasn’t able to fully enjoy the event, but said this year’s shows will be a much safer, cleaner and more enjoyable affair.

“The Big Beach Boutique 20 years ago wasn’t exactly a stroll in the park for me because it was quite a difficult day,” he said.

“I spent more of the day talking to the police than I did thinking about the gig.

“When it was over and we knew we’d pulled it off and it had gone safely, that’s when we could look back at it.

“The problem with the free shows was that we had no way of controlling the numbers. But hopefully this will be a much more controllable and safer affair, and less mess.

“One thing I’m really aware of is not damaging the beach – it’s the beach we all love and use.

“It’s not going to take over the city and paralyse it and empty every off-licence and fill every toilet like we did 20 years ago.”

Tickets for On The Beach festival in Brighton have sold out. 

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