SUSSEX brands, businesses and influencers have joined in with the April Fool’s Day fun- with everything from claims the i360 was moving to the creation of a floating football pitch off the coast.

Companies from across the county got in on some of the annual pranks that take place on April 1 in an attempt to trick people.

Here are some of the best pranks from across the county:

The Royal Pavilion said that residents and visitors to the city would be able to get “unique views” of the palace this summer from a bouncy castle on the estate’s East Lawn.

The Royal Pavilion and Museums Trust said more details would be announced at 12pm, before revealing the prank.

Bake Off star Jurgen Krauss also got in on the fun with a prank by the German Embassy in London, who claimed the baker has been appointed "Special Envoy for German Baking to the UK".

A statement by the embassy said: “Special Envoy Jurgy-popsy hopes his baking and cooking skills will further improve the good relations between Britain and Germany.”

Snoopers Paradise said it would be getting a new grey paint job from its candyfloss pink, with a spokesman for the company saying: “We realise the new colour may be controversial, but sometimes you can have too much colour and we felt that a moody grey - representative of the economic climate and the unpredictable weather - is very fitting.”

Sussex Incidents claimed that Brighton and Hove City Council sold off the controversial i360 to a Dubai investment group, with plans to relocate the viewing tower to near to the Belle Tout Lighthouse at Birling Gap, near Eastbourne.

The tower was to be renamed the “Burj Belle Tout” with plans to complete the move by summer 2024.

The Sussex Sunday Football League announced “fantastic news” that they have secured land to build a floating football pitch by Brighton Marina, which would be ready by September.

Brighton satirist Mike Dicks attempted to trick followers of his @Trump_ton Twitter account, which portrays public figures as characters in the 1960s television series, that he now backs the Prime Minister.

He said: “After many years of unsuccessfully cartooning in opposition to Brexit, Trump, Johnson and the alt-right, I have decided that it will be more lucrative to become pro-right, and have therefore begun the process of making my cartoons reflect them in a better light.”