TRADESPEOPLE in Brighton and Hove are among the most trusted in the country, it has been revealed.

New research from Buildword found that tradesmen and women in the city are some of the best in the UK with thousands of positive reviews.

The building supplier used Checkatrade to find out how highly customers reviewed the tradespeople they came into contact with, looking at the cities with the best reviews to find out where you can find the most trusted traders.

Brighton and Hove ranked second with an average score of 9.82 out of 10. Plasterers took the highest rating in the area, with an average score of 9.87.

A spokesman from Buildworld said: "When we need work carried out on our homes, we often look to the professionals to make sure that it is done right.

The Argus:

"Whether we need boiler repairs or we're looking to build an extension, there are certain things that we just can't DIY, or at least we shouldn't!

Finding and hiring tradesmen and women can be a daunting task, especially when trying to balance a budget with the quality of work.

"Not only this, but we often need to invite these professionals into our home so they can carry out the necessary work, so it's important to find someone who is trustworthy, competent, and reliable.

"At Buildworld, we understand just how important it is to be able to trust that the work will be a job well done and won't take you way over budget on the project you have.

"This is why we wanted to find out where in the country has the most trusted traders and which trades receive the highest reviews from customers."

Portsmouth topped the list, with an impressive average score of 9.83 out of 10.

Travelling to the other end of the UK, Aberdeen rouned out the top three with an average score of 9.81 out of 10. With an impressive average score of 9.96, plumbers were the highest rated tradespeople in the Scottish city.