JAPANESE cuisine is the most popular takeaway in the city, it has been revealed.

New research from Just Eat ranked Brighton and Hove's favourite takeaway, with the country's regional flavours and unique dishes taking the top spot.

The delivery company analysed over 10 million restaurant reviews across the UK to find the nation's most popular takeout.

Japanese cuisine boasted a popularity score of 92.80, while in the South East, Sushi was ranked the most favourite dish with a score of 65.27.

A spokesman from Just Eat said: "With the highest average score of 60.37 out of a possible 100, Italian cuisine proves to be the most popular food choice in the UK. Bursting with rich Mediterranean flavours, Italian food is a long-term British favourite, with macaroni and cheese (63.5) and lasagna (61.03) among the top-rated dishes.

The Argus:

"The UK is also a nation of curry lovers, with Indian food revealed as the second most popular (59.14). Serving up a variety of warming and spicy dishes, the best-loved choice is chicken tikka, scoring 63.01 out of 100. A flavourful and aromatic dish that can be served with nutritious brown rice, chicken tikka is a perfect option for a tasty weeknight dinner.

"Preparing meals midweek can be tricky, however, thanks to our busy lives and hectic schedules. It’s therefore unsurprising that fast food is the third most popular food choice in the UK.

"Scoring 58.64, fast food delivers both convenience and comfort for foodie fans. At a closer look, burgers are the fast-food favourite, achieving a popularity score of 60.38 out of 100."

Across the country, Italian cuisine had the highest score of all the cuisines researched.

On a regional level, Italian food scores highest overall in London (60.44), the North East (73.57) and Yorkshire and the Humber (69.35).

Londoners love Italy’s macaroni and cheese the most out of all dishes (scoring 77.06), whilst those in the North East prefer pasta (84.76).

Italian spaghetti is the clear favourite of Leeds locals, however, with a whopping 99.4 out of 100 score.