A 17-YEAR-OLD girl was spotted trying to climb out of a bedroom window during a drugs raid, a court has heard.

University student Charlotte Godwin, now 20, has gone on trial at Hove Crown Court accused of possessing cocaine and diamorphine with intent to supply. She denies the charges.

Efstathios Divaris, prosecuting, told the court that on July 22, 2019, police had followed a Vauxhall Astra back to Godwin’s address in Ashford Road, Eastbourne, after they had become suspicious the car had been used in a drug deal in the town.

Mr Divaris said police officers arriving at the address later were unable to get into the house and used force to enter.

He said one police officer who went round the back of the house noticed Godwin trying to climb out of the window.

Police later discovered quantities of cocaine and diamorphine in the bedroom, the toilet and the outside drain.

When questioned by James Hay, defending, Godwin told the court she had recently met Paul Olabisi from London on Instagram and had invited him to her home for sex.

She denied she had been trying to climb out of the window.

She said that Olabisi, aged 20 at the time, had never entered the house until that day and added he left the house on July 22 to buy cigarettes from a nearby shop while she remained indoors.

The court heard that when he didn’t return for some time she called him to find out where he was. When he answered, the court was told she could hear him being arrested and Olabisi told her to get “rid of the s*** in the bedroom”. Olabisi was later released without charge.

Godwin, a first-year student at university in Surrey, told the court she “panicked” and tried to flush some of the drugs down the toilet. 

“I have never been involved in the supply of drugs,” she told the court, adding she was  “much more interested in education”.

When cross-examined by Mr Divaris, Godwin was asked why she didn’t let the police officers into the house and explain what had happened.

“I was scared,” she said. “I had never been put in that position before.”

The trial, before the Recorder, Mr Ben Collins QC, continues.