A RENOWNED bric-a-brac store is hosting a week-long Easter egg hunt.

Snoopers Paradise, in Kensington Gardens, Brighton, yesterday launched the hunt for 30 golden eggs hidden around the shop, each containing a ticket which corresponds to a prize.

Tickets are hidden among the 7,000 square feet of sprawling stock, with prizes ranging from bottles of wine to items donated by stallholders, with a handful of “booby prizes” thrown in.

The Argus: Snoopers Paradise in Kensington GardensSnoopers Paradise in Kensington Gardens

Jenny Hurren, a spokeswoman for the company, said: “There’s lots of fun things for children to do in Brighton over Easter, but adults like to have fun too, and we think Snoopers is the perfect venue for an adult Easter egg hunt.

“There’s so many nooks and crannies and interesting things to look at while you’re hunting. We’re all about celebrating the snoop.”

The Argus: The golden prize eggsThe golden prize eggs

The hunt began at 10am on Monday, and will run until 6pm on Friday, April 15, or until the last egg has been found.

Customers are encouraged to share their hunt around the store via social media with the hashtag #SnoopersEasterHunt.