A BAKERY had a queue of hungry people stretching down the street, all hoping to get hold of some of its fabled hot cross buns.

While the roads were largely empty this morning, many residents were up early to join the line outside Raven's Bakery in Ditchling Road, Brighton.

The 100-year-old shop's windows were filled with trays of freshly baked hot cross buns.

Many of the hot cross bun hopefuls were buying them by the dozen – some for family, others for their neighbours, while others were just hoping to get their hands on at least a couple for themselves.

The Argus: One happy customerOne happy customer

One person said: “I’m getting them for my family, I also got some for neighbours who couldn’t get out.

“It’s so lovely because it’s an independent company, it so nice to support local small businesses really.

“I got there at 6.20am, I think they do the best hot cross buns.”

The Argus: The queue up Ditchling RoadThe queue up Ditchling Road

Maggie Raven, manager at Raven's Bakery, said: "I think we have sold about 100 today. It is a tradition for people to come here every year.

"It was slightly quieter today, a lot of people also came yesterday. We will be open tomorrow too in case people didn't have a chance today.

"We are closed Sunday and Monday to have a rest!

"This year the weather is nice so I don't feel sorry for the customers. Sometimes it is raining so everyone is happy and joyful today. People are still coming."