With regard to the letter from KD about the members of Greenpeace who were taken hostage by a Japanese whaling vessel (Letters, January 23), she states that she was "disgusted by the stupid antics" of Giles Lane and Benjamin Potts.

Firstly, if the authorities had the guts to police the waters that the Japanese whaling fleet was illegally hunting in, these brave individuals would not have needed to put their lives in danger.

Secondly, the whaling ship in question was seen to be attacking the small inflatable boat that these people were in, long before they came alongside. They did this with high pressure hoses even though the small boat was no danger to them in any way.

Thirdly, the protesters were photographed being tied up with rope. This in itself makes them prisoners and not unwanted guests.

KD then tells us that there are proper ways to deal with these things. Well, the proper way to deal with a bully who will not listen or negotiate, as when Iraq refused to listen or negotiate, is to go to war.

Just because KD and our Government do not have the stomach to fight for what is right does not mean that brave individuals such as the men and women who support and work for the Sea Shepherd should not. The men and women manning the small ships of Sea Shepherd in horrendous conditions and at great personal risk for no reward deserve medals for what they do.

Whales are sentient beings that the whaling nations are killing purely for profit and not, as they want us to believe, for scientific study.

As for KD stating that there is not a lot of sympathy for the Sea Shepherd, she may be interested to know that the organisation has a huge support network which is growing all the time.

  • Alan Hetherington, High Street, Newhaven