A LINGERIE brand has launched a new range of underwear that contain “the power of crystals”. 

Pour Moi, the Brighton-based lingerie company, has created a limited-edition line of bras containing selected crystals chosen for their abilities. 

Working with a crystal expert, Pour Moi has designed each bra with three crystals that are either part of the bra design or to be kept in each cup. 

The trio of crystals were picked to combat specific life issues, including job interviews, first dates, break-ups, toddler tantrums and injecting some spice into the bedroom. 

Michael Thomson, owner of Pour Moi, said: “A lot of our customers love crystals and use them for all sorts of reasons so we wanted to offer a handy way of harnessing their power, by having crystals designed into our most popular bra styles. 

“Holding crystals in your bra is actually a popular way of using them. 

“Miranda Kerr is even said to be a fan of this technique, so creating these limited edition bras with the crystals already attached makes it a simple way to experience the benefits – whether you’re a crystal expert or beginner.”

The Argus: First Date BraFirst Date Bra

The First Date Bra contains rose quartz which is known for attracting love, tiger's eye which offers protection and strength, and blue howlite which assists communication.

The Argus: Break-Up BraBreak-Up Bra

The Break-Up Bra contains moonstone which represents divine feminine energy, clear quartz to invite in new light and positivity, and amethyst which can help with sleeping and clearing the mind.

The Argus: Passionate Nights BraPassionate Nights Bra

The Passionate Nights Bra contains carnelian which can help recharge the body's energy points, aventurine which can help bring good luck and fortune, and garnet which helps with passion, lust, motivation and drive.

The Argus: Toddler Tantrum BraToddler Tantrum Bra

Toddler Tantrum Bra contains amethyst to help tackle stress and bring a sense of calm and serenity to the moment, rose quartz to help attract love, and tiger's eye to help bring a feeling of strength.

The Argus: Toddler Tantrum BraToddler Tantrum Bra

Job Interview Bra contains aventurine, known as the good luck stone, fluorite to help with focus, and blue howlite for communication.