LABOUR councillors claim the “rug has been pulled out from under residents” after a park and ride scheme was scrapped.

They have called on Brighton and Hove City Council to “stop dragging its heels” and deliver on a feasibility study for a park and ride scheme for the city.

Residents had called for the scheme at a climate assembly but plans for a three-month trial at Mill Road in Patcham were shelved last week after Brighton and Hove Buses pulled out, just months before it was due to start.

However, Labour have accused the Green-led administration of deliberately delaying a feasibility study on such a scheme until after the local elections next year.

Councillor Gary Wilkinson, Labour’s transport and environment spokesman, said: “After dragging the Green administration kicking and screaming to a commitment to deliver a park and ride scheme at Mill Road, we in the Labour group are deeply disappointed that the rug has been pulled out from under residents and this scheme has been scrapped.

“Now the council tells us other schemes will be considered, which leaves me questioning why they still haven’t at the very least undertaken the feasibility study we called for and secured funds for last year. The money’s there, we made sure of that, so what’s the excuse?

“A feasibility study would consider a range of options and pave the way for major and pocket park and ride schemes that would help us achieve a car-free city centre and move towards carbon net zero.

“I’m calling on the administration to stop dragging their heels and deliver on the recommendations of our residents’ climate assembly.”

A council spokesman said that had the scheme gone ahead, it would have given the city the opportunity to assess the impact park and ride may have on car use and any changes in uptake of public transport to arrive in the city.

He said: “If the bus company or any other transport company wishes to propose an amended or alternative scheme, our environment, transport and sustainability committee will of course consider it in the normal way.”