AUTHOR Peter James has revealed why the names of some of Sussex’s most famous landmarks were changed in ITV drama Grace.

Viewers were left a little bewildered following Sunday night’s episode after Devil’s Dyke was referred to as Hob’s Dyke.

International bestselling Sussex author Peter James said that unlike writing fiction, television and film productions must “tread carefully” when using real-life places as locations for crimes.

The Argus: Devil's Dyke was renamed Hob's Dyke in ITV's GraceDevil's Dyke was renamed Hob's Dyke in ITV's Grace

Peter, 73, said: “ITV are wonderful to work with, but for legal reasons we had to change a lot of names.

“Like Devil’s Dyke for example, we had to call it Hob's Dyke and East Brighton Police, rather than Brighton Police.

“Then in the next episode, Shoreham Airport has been changed to East Preston Airport.”

The Argus: Crime writer Peter JamesCrime writer Peter James

In the episode, which was based on Peter’s novel Looking Good Dead, Zack Bryce, played by Amit Shah, finds a USB on a train containing the footage of a horrific murder.

In Peter’s novel the character is called Tom, however ITV changed his name after finding several real-life people with the same name living in the UK.

He said: “ITV did a search for people with the name Tom Brice and there were around eight people with that name working in promotional merchandise, the same industry as the character, so that had to be changed.”

The Argus: The Argus appeared in ITV's Grace on Sunday night. Credit: ITV/GraceThe Argus appeared in ITV's Grace on Sunday night. Credit: ITV/Grace

However, Peter said he was “determined” not to have a fictitious paper featured in the series and insisted The Argus kept its name.

In an early scene, a man can be seen reading a copy of The Argus while riding a Southern Rail train.

Peter said: “I was determined that we would not have a fictitious paper and I know that everyone at The Argus would be much happier if we had its actual name.

“I’m determined to make The Argus the most famous newspaper in the world.”

The new series of Grace returned to screens on Sunday, April 24.

John Simm reprised his role as troubled detective Roy Grace and Richie Campbell returned asDS Glenn Branson.

The next episode of Grace, Not Dead Enough, will air on ITV at 8pm tonight (Sunday, May 1).