A WARNING has been issued about the dangers of tombstoning over the bank holiday weekend.

Tombstoning is the action of jumping or diving from a height into water.

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service has issued a warning to those considering taking part in the dangerous activity.

“Tombstoning has hidden dangers, “ an East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said.

“Water depths change, there could be hidden debris. And jumping into water can cause cold water shock.

“Every year people need rescuing, suffer serious injuries or even die.

“Keep yourself and your mates safe. Don’t jump into the unknown.”

A previous statement released by the coastguard said: “We cannot over emphasise how dangerous it can be to, quite literally, jump into the unknown.

"You can never tell what is hidden from view under the sea’s surface.

"Not only hidden rocks, but also other objects could be floating below the surface or on the seabed.

"Just the impact with the water from enough height can cause."