Spring is upon us with mornings getting brighter, more beautiful and, well, more Instagrammable.

With thoughts of picturesque sunrises and the hazy half-light of dawn, Premier Inn decided to find out the locations people were most keen to photograph first thing.

The hotel chain researched the most populated cities on Instagram, comparing the number of hashtags for #goodmorning[city] for each location.

By collating this information, it has come up with the top 10 places being photographed the most in the morning with Brighton making it onto the list.

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UK’s most beautiful cities to wake up in

Instagrammers are rising early and getting their cameras ready to catch a glimpse of the UK’s most beautiful cities to see the sunrise in.

London takes the top spot globally, and as such is also the UK’s most popular city to explore first thing in the morning.

Brighton comes in at a respectable seventh place beating the likes of Liverpool, Newcastle and Birmingham.

Top 10 Instagrammed UK cities in the morning

1. London – 39,600 Instagram hashtags

2. Cardiff – 1,850 Instagram hashtags

3. Manchester – 1,050 Instagram hashtags

4. Edinburgh – 900 Instagram hashtags

5. Glasgow – 680 Instagram hashtags

6. Bristol – 570 Instagram hashtags

7. Brighton – 550 Instagram hashtags

8.  Liverpool – 380 Instagram hashtags

9. Newcastle Upon Tyne – 350 Instagram hashtags

10. Birmingham – 340 Instagram hashtags

A spokesperson for the Premier Inn said: “The morning brings a fresh start to each new day, and what better way to start the day than experiencing some of the most beautiful city scenes at sunrise.

“From the peaceful seaside views of coastal cities such as Brighton and Bristol, to the quiet calm that comes over major cities like London and Manchester at dawn, before the cities spring to life and the hustle and bustle begins.”

For more information about the research, visit the Premier Inn website.