LABOUR leader Sir Keir Starmer was on the campaign trail in Worthing on Monday, ahead of tomorrow's elections. Labour are confident they can take control in the town in what would be a historic result. Sir Keir put the party's case to The Argus.

THIS Thursday people across Worthing have big choices to make.

With these upcoming elections, there is a chance to respond to the Conservative mismanagement of the council and choose a new, community-focused approach under Labour.

These big choices are being made against the backdrop of an acute cost of living crisis. 

Right across Worthing, people are feeling the pinch.

Energy bills are soaring, food prices are on the up and taxes have been hiked.

People and businesses are making difficult choices to steady their finances, but the government are missing in action. Too busy mopping up a mess of their own making, covering up criminality at the heart of Downing Street, and trying to save the skin of the Prime Minister. 

While they’re scrambling around utterly distracted, Labour is laser focused on putting forward practical answers to bring energy bills down, get more money back in people’s pockets, and to help businesses weather this tough period.  

We would do this by introducing a one-off windfall tax on oil and gas companies - who are making billions in profit - to cut household energy bills. We’d remove VAT for a year, taking up to £600 off bills for those that need it most. 

All sensible, costed measures that could be brought in now. But Boris Johnson’s Conservatives are refusing to act.

This lack of action on the issues that matter to you is a pattern with this government and local authority.

I’ve heard how frustrated local communities have been in Worthing recently with your rubbish piling up, uncollected due to a bin strike. Workers deserve a fair pay and to be listened to.

Where the Conservatives are failing, it's ordinary people bearing the brunt of it.

It was brilliant meeting Cllr Becky Cooper yesterday on Worthing seafront. We visited your famous seafront Lido and Becky told me about the fantastic community focused policies her and the Worthing Labour team have drawn up from their many conversations with you. It’s incredible the work they’ve put in. Just five years ago Becky was the first Labour councillor elected and now they have the opportunity, with your help to breathe a breath of fresh air into the council this Thursday.

Labour are on your side in Worthing. Imagine what could be achieved with the support of a government that is on your side.

Instead, the Tories’ answer to the cost of living crisis is to tax you more and make working people foot the bill for their failure. Families are facing the biggest fall in household incomes since records began. For every £6 the Conservatives are taking, they’re only giving £1 back.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You deserve better.

Politics is about choices. 

Whether to tax oil and gas producers to put more money in your pocket. Or to let their profits soar and tax you more. 

Whether to invest properly in our high streets, protecting our green spaces and working with local businesses; or continue to ignore the views of local people and investing money outside of Worthing.

This Thursday, Worthing also has a choice.

Use your vote on May 5 to send a message to the Tories on the cost of living crisis. Vote Labour for a party that is on your side.