THE FOOTBALL clubs with the most in-demand tickets have been revealed.

Among the Premier League sides, Brighton and Hove Albion ranked second to last in terms of demand to see them play.

Liverpool has the most in-demand tickets in football, with a total of 1,076,400 online ticket searches every year - the equivalent of 2,949 per day.

In second is Manchester United with 907,920 online yearly searches, while Manchester City (748,800 searches) are third, followed by Chelsea (724,800 searches) and Arsenal (576,000 searches).

Albion, who ranked 19th out of the 20 sides, has 45,840 annual global online searches for tickets – some way off 18th placed Norwich City with 70,800 searched.

The only team with fewer ticket searches in the Premier League is Burnley, with only 32,640 searches.

The data by revealed the ever-increasing popularity of football around the world has resulted in an “unprecedented demand” for tickets.

Ticketgum spokesman Omri Borenshtein shared tips for securing tickets to matches.

“One of the key factors of securing tickets to games that you are desperate to see is to act fast,” he said.

“Matches that include teams from the top 6 in the Premier League attract interest from all over the UK and abroad so being proactive is essential if you want to secure seats for these games.

“In order to be the first to know about ticket releases, make sure to sign up to club newsletters or websites and keep an eye on official social media channels for match announcements. For the biggest games, consider recruiting any friends to try obtaining tickets through different devices.

“If games are sold out, look for trusted ticket brokers. Once you’ve found the tickets you want, you should always ensure you’re purchasing from a safe, trusted seller to ensure you get authentic tickets. Remember to read customer reviews and ensure the company you use is well-established.”