JOHNNY Rotten said he has “very fond memories of Brighton” ahead of his long-awaited return this summer.

The former Sex Pistols frontman, real name John Lydon, is coming to Brighton on June 14 with his band Public Image Limited as part of his UK tour. He will performing at Chalk in Pool Valley, Brighton.

The 66-year-old, who now lives in Los Angeles, said he likes the “social aspect” of the city and its “friendly” people whether he is on stage or in the city’s pubs.

He also recalls driving down with his dad during his childhood from their home in Holloway, London.

The Argus: John Lydon is performing at Chalk with his band Public Image Limited in JuneJohn Lydon is performing at Chalk with his band Public Image Limited in June

He told The Argus: “God I love Brighton, we do great gigs there. They’re not enormous audiences but there is such a joy and buzz with the people who come. I really do connect with them.

“Glasgow is similar, Manchester too. It’s a tour that would have taken place a couple years back but the Covid monstrosity reared its ugly head and wrecked everything.

“From childhood onwards, that was the place to go. It was a long old journey in those days in a tiny little car bur my dad loved to take us there. We have very fond memories.

The Argus: John Lydon in 2018. Picture by Mark EllisJohn Lydon in 2018. Picture by Mark Ellis

“I just really like the social aspect to it at night, the pubs are friendly. People are just alright with each other. That is the perfect scenario for a band like PiL.

“One thing led to another when the Sex Pistols fell apart, it was automatic for me to want to go and do better things and I think I have. I think our audiences prove that.”

The tour in June was supposed to happen before the Covid pandemic. John said he has some apprehension about performing live again.

The Argus: Picture by Dominic Lipinski/PA WirePicture by Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

“I’m thrilled but at the same time terrified”, he said, “that is an awful long time to not be practising. There is many reasons for that, one of them is the fact I’m a full time caregiver for my lovely wife Nora who has Alzheimer’s.

“Looking after her is 24/7, there is no reprieve on that. It’s not like I can go off and indulge in being self-important which might actually be to my own benefit. I thrive on the fear of stage fright before I go on.

“This tour compounds that, not doing anything. It’s like starting all over again. It’s high risk but for me, the idea of letting people down is not acceptable.”

John said he has family looking after his wife while he tours the UK in June.

PiL appear at Chalk on June 14. For ticket information and details of John Lydon’s NFT project, Anger Is An NFT, visit his website.