THE GREAT Escape makes its in-person return today, with thousands of fans heading to the city for a weekend of the freshest new music.

What was once one of indie’s best-kept secrets has since exploded into an international mecca to see the world’s best up-and-coming artists in 45 venues dotted around Brighton and Hove.

The festival begins today, with the official opening party at Jubilee Square from 5pm, though the bulk of live music starts from midday tomorrow.

Today sees the delegates’ conference take place at Jury's Inn, kicking off with a talk on how to navigate the music-maker community in a digital age.

The Argus: The Great EscapeThe Great Escape

It will see industry professionals, including former chief economist of Spotify and PRS for Music, explain how to benefit financially from streaming platforms, and how educators can support students through the wider music-maker community.

Similar events will run at the venue throughout the day, finishing with a “big and radical” ideas session, before the evening rolls in and delegates will head to the TGE Beach Site for a welcome party with Music Venues Trust.

Though there are not any live music events until tomorrow, the atmosphere will be palpable with anticipation for when the city comes alive.

Check back tomorrow morning for the acts we’re most looking forward to seeing.