A CHILLING video of a father who was beaten nearly to death in a frenzied attack shows him attempting to speak.

Alan Willson, 47, was found in Longcroft Park, Worthing by a member of the public at around 7.30pm on Easter Sunday, 2021. 

Three teenage boys have today been convicted of a sustained and vicious assault which left Mr Willson with life-changing injuries.

In footage released by police, his wife Annie describes how the attack has affected him and their family. 

Mr Willson, who worked as a careworker, suffered life-changing injuries as a result of the assault. He was unable to walk, talk or swallow. 

Through extensive rehabilitation, he has been able to walk and eat again, however more than a year after the assault, he is still unable to talk.

Mrs Willson said: “Alan didn’t walk into the park like this. Alan walked into the park being able to speak a sentence, and to move and to dance and play football

“Before this happened, Alan was the kindest, gentlest man ever. His personality was amazing. 

“He would make you laugh if he saw you were down, he would joke about. How he is now is hugely different. His life is gone. He’s a completely different man.”

The Argus: Allan WilsonAllan Wilson

She described how her husband becomes frustrated and emotional when he cannot communicate with his family. 

In a video taken by Mrs Willson it shows Mr Willson attempting to copy her as counts to five, he begins to cry when he is unable to say the number. 

She said: “I explained to him many times what's happened as far as his brain injuries are concerned and he just touches his head and he knows he he comprehends but he can't verbalize anything because his mouth won't work, the muscles won't work, the sound doesn't work.”

The local community came together to raise money and support the Willson family following attack, something that has been instrumental in getting Mr Willson back home.

The Argus:

Mrs Willson said: “The community has been amazing. I never even knew that level of support could reach us, but the money they raised has allowed us to adapt the house, putting laminate down and buying equipment for Alan. 

“It has helped massively. Without that and without the local community, my husband wouldn’t have been able to come home.”

Today after a 14-day trial at Hove Crown Court, two boys aged 14 and 15, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were found guilty of grievous bodily harm with intent by a unanimous jury. 

Harry Furlong, 18, from Horsham, was found guilty by a majority jury of grievous bodily harm without intent.

The Argus: Harry FurlongHarry Furlong

In the video Mrs Willson said: “These boys who have destroyed our family. 

“We don't even know them, we come from London we've never even heard of the name of these boys.

“I would like to know just exactly what we have done to warrant this to warrant them destroying my family, because that's what they've done, they've destroyed my family and they picked on the wrong one they really did they picked on a really nice gentle kind man.

“The impact it’s had on my family has been massive. 

“We have lived this past year without an ‘I love you’, without ‘goodnight kids’, without any laughing and joking.

“Our whole family has been through hell and will continue to go through hell forever.”