I HAD an unfortunate visit to the public ladies loo at Grand Avenue in Hove yesterday at lunchtime.

I and another lady entered at the same time, we both went in and out of the cubicles (three of them) trying to decide which one to use because they were so DISGUSTING!

One had no lock on the door, the others had various bodily stains on the seats (I’ll leave that to your imagination) no loo paper and lots of paper in the unflushed toilet. Obviously the floor was rank too.

This lady was a visitor from abroad. I told her I was so embarrassed at this sight, and we both agreed that toilets abroad are always much cleaner.

This is only early May, how on earth will these toilets cope by summer?

Brighton and Hove needs to take note from other areas where the public loos are immaculate. Recently I have visited Norfolk, Selsey and Bournemouth, you could almost eat off the floor there they were so clean.

I’m not holding my breath, just crossing my legs.

Corinne Blass