AND JUST like that it was over.

But what a great time we had on the third and final day of The Great Escape. A scorching Saturday spent catching the best new music on offer.

Darting between myriad venues, and with Brighton alive with an unmatched buzz, I would disagree with the few people I spoke with who felt the festival lacked “the feeling”.

The Argus: The Jubilee Square stage entranceThe Jubilee Square stage entrance

One thing they would concur with I’m sure, is that the city certainly had the “Monday morning mood” about it today, as three days of tunes came to end, and brilliant blue skies were replaced with grizzly greyness.

On the Saturday however, my head was full of new tunes and the outlook was good.

Fresh from their session with BBC 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq the previous day, English Teacher put on a ferocious show at Komedia, while Katy J Pearson blessed Horatios with her dulcet, dreamy tones – folk, country-style bliss. What a way to spend an afternoon.

The Argus: Fans were able to choose from more than 500 artists over the weekendFans were able to choose from more than 500 artists over the weekend

Later in the evening, indie-pop royalty blessed the seafront, as Phoebe Green played to an eager crowd in Coalition – a venue usually earmarked for electronic music but working equally brilliantly as a live gig site.

Into the early night I caught PVA who were nothing short of sublime – totally groovy and just a delight to watch – before finally giving in to the fact that I’m no longer 18 and can’t do three nights on the bounce, so went home.

If I had managed to soldier on through the night, I would have taken a trip to Patterns to catch Or:la at 2am, undoubtedly one of Ireland’s greatest DJs, who I’ve heard played a flawless set to round off a belter weekend.

The Argus: The Great EscapeThe Great Escape

I’m happy to report now, that initial scepticism about city festivals has been shattered, The Great Escape you were the dream. And though my wallet has been considerably lightened, and with my liver crying out from three days on the bounce – as I watch the rain outside my window as I write this, I just want to go back and do it all again.

Now, where’s that Berocca?