HUNDREDS of homes have signed up to tackle waste by taking part in The Big Plastic Count.

More than 500 households in Brighton and Hove are taking note of their plastic waste all this week as part of the Greenpeace initiative, which hopes to create an accurate figure as to the amount of packaging leaving UK homes.

Residents are totting up the number and various kinds of plastic waste they discard during the week of May 16, before feeding the data into Greenpeace’s website this Friday.

The Argus: Greenpeace volunteers Gildas Ehrmann (left) and Anne Massey in The Old Market, Brighton, with the six month plastic waste image. Photo: GreenpeaceGreenpeace volunteers Gildas Ehrmann (left) and Anne Massey in The Old Market, Brighton, with the six month plastic waste image. Photo: Greenpeace

They will also receive details of what happens to the plastic after it leaves their home after YouGov reported that 75 per cent of people do not know what happens to their recycling.

Schools, community groups and businesses are also part of the project which is attempting to get supermarkets and the government to tackle the root cause of the “plastic crisis”.

Greenpeace was signing people up to their scheme in The Old Market, Brighton, throughout April and early May, by showing them a photograph of plastic used by Daniel Webb, founder of campaign group Everyday Plastic, over six months.

Among those taking part in the project is one woman from Hove, identified only as Zoe.

She said: “I was amazed that one person used so much plastic in six months.

“I put the plastic I use in the recycling bin, so I’m disappointed to hear that lots of that plastic might not actually be recycled, but is in fact often incinerated, sent to landfill, or dumped abroad.

“It’s up to the government and big supermarkets to cut plastic packaging, and to properly deal with our waste.”

The Big Plastic Count has gained the support of actors and television personalities, including Bonnie Wright and Chris Packham, as well as MP for Kemptown, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, who is taking part.

“The Big Plastic Count is so important because it helps us understand on an individual level how much plastic we are using, but also the scale of the problem nationally," the Labour MP said.

"Acting collectively, we can make a huge difference that can be by using less plastic ourselves or by putting pressure on corporations and governments to use less plastic.

"We need a more circular economy and to end the scourge of single use plastic. The Big Plastic Count will hopefully prove to policy makers how much of a problem we really have here and how urgently we need change.”

The Argus: Lloyd Russell-Moyle with Greenpeace volunteer Becky Ward. Photo: GreenpeaceLloyd Russell-Moyle with Greenpeace volunteer Becky Ward. Photo: Greenpeace

The United Kingdom produced 5.2 million tonnes of plastic in 2018 – enough to fill Wembley stadium six times over – and comes second only to the United States in producing the most plastic per person out of every country in the world.

Greenpeace Brighton is calling on the government to pledge a reduction in single-use plastic of 50 per cent by 2025, to introduce a deposit scheme for plastic reuse, and stop exporting plastic waste to “dump” in other countries.